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Channel Integration
Our Conversational AI Platform is built to serve users across any channel. Your customers can interact with your brand at their channel of choice and jump from one channel to another without missing the experience. Omilia is seamlessly integrated with major contact center providers, social media channels and CRMs and allows one-click integrations to enhance productivity and speed to market. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Microsoft, Skype, Slack, WhatsApp are only some of integrations available.
Natural Language Understanding
Training an intent or an entity always starts with good data. The Quantity and the quality of the data is crucial for the accuracy of the NLU model. To that end Omilia has developed Corpora Studio for accelerating the processing of user utterances and ensuring the quality of the end result. See an example of an annotation job on Corpora Studio.
Voice Capabilities
OCP has a rich set of voice capabilities that are configured from the ground depth to the highly accurate and are easy to deploy. Omilia's speech-to-text engine runs on Deep Neural Networks and to maximize performance, it is custom-trained on the exact sound quality and language spoken by the actual users. deepASR® routinely achieves human-level STT accuracy, with 4.26% world record Word Error Rate measured at the Contact Center of a large North-American Bank. Omilia also supports text-to-speech that is based on advanced wavenet technology and offers Neural Voices of very high quality and expressiveness.
Dialogue Management
The OCP® Dialogue Manager employs a combination of Orchestrator logic, Flows, and miniApps. Each of these layers is a fully conversational dialogue. miniApps handle elemental "tasks" (like getting an alphanumeric or sending an event to a REST API) in a fully conversational and unstructured fashion. Flows combine miniApps into a conversational dialogue that spans multiple tasks. Orchestrator combines flows and miniApps into a conversational experience from beginning to end.
Pre-built Industry
OCP® provides conversational AI services that enable customer support, helpdesk and ecommerce solutions for multiple industries. Omilia’s Industry Skills come with a fully pre-trained intelligent Bot providing out-of-the-box recognition and understanding of all key concepts for a specific domain and language, as well as a number of Flows. By leveraging Skills the Intent Categorization and Self Service Dialogs for the specific domain are hugely simplified so development effort can be reduced by up to 80%, accelerating speed to market and quality.
    Any question Omilia asks a caller is asked by a miniApp, and each miniApp is able to understand:
  • · What the caller is saying
  • · If what the caller is saying is relevant to the question at hand
  • · How to guide the caller to give the relevant information
  • · How to handle callers who do not understand the question or will not give relevant information
Pre-built Domain
OCP is built to provide Conversational AI services that enable Customer Support, Helpdesk, and eCommerce solutions for any kind of client. OCP’s pre-built domain understanding allows clients to effortlessly launch immersive automation services, in a matter of minutes. By using Intent OCP miniApps and the pre-built domains of OCP, customers can easily and quickly launch Conversational AI experiences that understand what their callers want, 90% or more of the time, in a highly engaging fashion. For domain-based understanding the Intent OCP miniApp leverages every possible asset at its command to understand what a caller needs or wants, 90% or more of the time—out of the box, and with NO tuning and NO coding.
    There are specific assets that intent OCP miniApps use to accomplish this task:
  • · Pre-built models hyper-tuned on real world data
  • · Customer-specific optimizations
  • · Completely unstructured conversational dialogues
Backend Systems Integration
Omilia offers a number of built-in integrations that can be enabled easily within the screen. Let's see step by step a sample integration of a customers proflie with OCP.
Agent Escalation, Handling, and Assistance
Chatbot can interact with the agent and provide swift problem resolution. Even if the bot needs to escalate the issue to the agent, the customer is not redirected to a new experience. The bot brings the agent in, providing a seamless experience to the customer.
Learning and Continuous Improvement
Part of the Omilia reporting shows unkown intents which enables us to identify customer utterances that need attention. AMO helps us optimizing the intent model by labelling these unknown intents through an unsupervised learning process. Check out how you can optimize your intent model to create a unique customer experience.
Analytics and Testing
Testing Studio helps you validate your applications on OCP®. A detailed walkthrough is presented along with Omilia's Analytics Capabilities on Omilia Cloud platform.
Bot Orchestration
Bot orchestration is at the core of Omilia Cloud Platform. Orchestrator synthesizes a fluid conversational experience by assimilating the expertise of each task specific bot into a single unified intelligence. Each MiniApp is a bot with intelligence and expertise around a specific type of information that is able to share what it knows with other bots, using OCP's orchestrator application. See OCP® bot orchestration capabilities in action!
Life Cycle Management
Each application on OCP® is assigned to a group and is visible to members of that group only. You can transfer your configuration files from the development environment to the UAT and have the final version to the production environment in a simple way. You can keep backups and versioning as well as rolling back to a previous version anytime.
Enterprise Administration
Acquiring an account on gives you the chance to dive into the miniApps world. Users and rights are centrally managed making sure that every user has the rights that are appropriate to every role.