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OCP High Availability, Scaling, & Capacity

OCP has been designed in a way that ensures that all critical components, i.e. Infrastructure, Application Platform, Secure Connectivity Channels (IPSec), Telephony connectivity (SIP Trunk), provide service continuity through failover processes and mechanisms.

OCP Services are designed in a way that ensures auto-scaling of the underlying infrastructure (e.g. virtual machines) up or down depending on defined situations (e.g. CPU load, application metrics).

The design ensures that new instances are seamlessly increased during demand spikes and decreased during demand drops, enabling consistent performance.

OCP is monitored in real-time through a central monitoring server, which receives, asynchronously and synchronously, via push and pull technologies all necessary information and sends the necessary alerts via Email and/or Phone/SMS.

Monitored data include (but not limited to): network connectivity, vpn connectivity, system load, disk capacities, memory load, application errors, service metrics, application metrics, etc.

A 24x7 NOC team is assigned and will be alerted in case of an incident. In that case, the NOC team will investigate further by checking the appropriate systems and logs (AppServer, Application, Database, etc).

OCP Operational Monitoring

OCP Failover Modes–Automated vs. Manual

The OCP infrastructure is built on AWS and/or Azure, the top Infrastructure Cloud Services Worldwide. AWS and Azure offer multiple cloud data centers in a specific geographical region and also multiple geographical regions across the U.S. In the rare case that an AWS or Azure datacenter fails, traffic is automatically re-routed to a different data center in the region. In the extremely rare case that all data centers in a region fail, traffic is automatically re-routed to a different geographical region in U.S