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Make your Contact Center future-ready with Conversational AI Call Steering and FAQ. Enable directly from your Genesys Cloud Flow Architect OCP miniApps®; zero-code, zero-maintenance, instantly deployable, and configurable NLU dialog components that perform a variety of dialog functions like; getting a caller’s Intent, capturing an alphanumeric string, soliciting an address or credit card number, booking an appointment, and more.


OCP miniApps® are pre-integrated within the Genesys Cloud Flow Architect so you can embed directly in your flows leaving every other part of them intact. Configuration is done in GUI so you can easily take over day 2 operations by yourself regardless of your existing telephony platform or Call Center provider.

Vastly improve automation rates while improving your CX by adding Natural Language in 3 easy steps.


Decide the information
you want to capture


Configure a corresponding type
of OCP miniApps to capture it


Invoke OCP miniApps natively
from Genesys Cloud

That’s it. You have a fully working Conversational AI Self-Service in your CC.

All Genesys customers can now transition to Conversational AI Call Steering and FAQ and enjoy NLU benefits from day 1.

Reduce your workforce overload on the contact centers, by handling common information requests in the IVR
Let your callers feel “heard” and speak freely by eliminating confusing “touch tone” menus, increasing customer satisfaction
Understand what your customers are really asking for
Ensure a consistent and seamless human-like interaction with your customers regardless of unexpected conditions

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